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Top 6 Questions Answers For Taxi Owners in The UK – Explore the Taxi Industry
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  • November 13th, 2020

Top 6 Questions Answers For Taxi Owners in The UK – Explore the Taxi Industry

The booming taxi industry is witnessing regular entry of thousands of new taxi drivers in the roads of the UK. If you are also an owner of several taxis in UK, you might be also intrigued to get the answers of the following questions:


1. Which license type is the best to go for?

A driving license is the first step to enter the industry of driving. However, a taxi license is also mandatory to work as a taxi driver on the roads of the UK.

Each council in the UK offers their own license that taxi drivers need to drive in a particular area. Choose one between the Public Hire License and Private Hire Vehicle License. However, each license works differently.

The public one can be hired by customers from any street wherever they are driving on. The private one is for customers who book via app and phone.


2. How to Get a Taxi License in the UK?

If you enjoy being behind the wheel, the taxi industry might be perfect for you. This growing industry is great for those who love to roam around freely. Being an independent driver, you can choose your own working hours as well as the streets where you want to serve. The first step to enter the market is passing the taxi driver test.

The test is known as The Knowledge which involves a self-assessment (optional), a written test, an oral, another examination to test knowledge about 25 other routes and a group session where the new drivers receive the license.


3. Is the Language Test Mandatory?

Yes. To be a licensed taxi driver in London, the drivers must pass a language test. However, each county follows different rules and you have to abide by them as per the area of your choice.


4. How much does the driver’s test cost?

The taxi driver license costs around £1200 and the private hire one costs around £650. The cost varies as per the location you choose to drive around.


5. Which factors are Necessary to Meet to be Eligible to Acquire a Taxi Driver License?

  • A full UK driving license for at least a year
  • Pass the medical check and background verification
  • Be an Adult (18 or more)


6. What are the Important Skills that a Taxi Driver Needs?

  • Great Communication Skill
  • Attention to Detail
  • Composure under pressure


Once you pass the test, you need to think about finding a platform where you can join to promote your services. Nothing works like a niche web directory, such as The Taxi Register. The online catalogue welcomes all taxis in UK to register and enjoy the bliss of having a wide clientele base.


The booming industry is ready to welcome all taxis in UK!